Saturday, 13 September 2014

cheat for unlimited lives in candy crush saga

This  chest for all candy crush lovers and for those who are addicted to this nice game.

so first of all for the cheats you must not connected to internet.because if you are connected to internet or logged into yours facebook account through candy drush then this cheat will not works for you......

first cheat is useful when you have to wait for a complete day to unlock the quest and start it playing.
to remove this 24 hor notification for the quest ,you have to first close the game and then open settings in your phone or tablet then unmark the auto update time in date and time settings,,, after that forward the date by one or to the next days date and this is how you can play and unlock the quest in same day ...instead of waiting it for a day to unlock....

and onother cheat is usefull when loose lives and ant to play more ....
for that you have to go to settings and unmark auto update time and date option and forward the time by three hours and then after that reset the time again///////////

and enjoy the unlimited candy crush

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